Hi, I'm Rachel! 😊

I'm a rising senior citizen 👵 studying CS (Cow Science) 🐮 and 🅱usiness at UC Davis, the number one agricultural school in the nation. My dreams before graduating are to milk a cow and drive a tractor.

Jokes aside, I'm a budding software engineer who loves transforming ideas into something tangible using code and solving challenging technical problems with other engineers! Outside of coding, I also enjoy organizing hackathons (aka tech popup camps for broke college students with free food and swag) and creating tight-knitted communities through various leadership roles that I've taken on before on campus!

In all honesty, I'm always trying my best and continuing to figure shit out! Before quarantine, I enjoy spending my free time running, playing tennis, and biking. Now, I spend my free time rewatching shows with crass humor such as Community or That 70's Show and talking to my imaginary friends.

I'm currently..

  • Working at Cisco as a software engineering intern!
  • Organizing HackDavis, UC Davis's annual hackathon!

What's next for me..